About me

Making things for the internet is what I had to settle for because a career in cocktail bartending wasn’t working out. After trying and failing to win the Australian bartender of the year award, I set out at the late, lamented Thousands city guides. Ahead of their time and much missed, I was part of the writing team and the events editor. There was no noise gig too small for me not to run in the OUT section. The Internet Archive gives you some flavour of what was going on in 2013.

Writing continued for Vice, Noisey and other places. The also-perished Smith Journal, for instance. Because I seemed to destroy every beloved Australian publication I touched, I began testing the bounds of Facebook’s advertising terms of service as the social media manager for Lifestyles condoms.

From there, I’ve worked on the projects you can see on this website as well as work for Nike, Hype DC, Diageo and others.

In my time making this work I’ve found a lot of satisfaction learning the tools used in its construction. Which is why I’ve got 33% of the Adobe Creative Cloud on my computer. Which doesn’t sound like much but don’t forget that thing’s still got Dreamweaver in it.

And if I can’t make something myself, having a sound understanding of the technical aspects of digital production helps me communicate with collaborators who can.

I want to create work that respects people – their intelligence and their character. Work that can exist on the contemporary internet without it being rejected by its immune system. Get in touch if that’s something you’d also like to do.