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The lockdown podcast is a cliché. But that doesn’t mean making one is a bad idea.

Tempo is a journal of worldwide running culture. The ‘worldwide’ is important – being based in Melbourne has never stopped it from having global reach. It publishes stories about the people who dedicate themselves to the unglamorous sport of running – from Olympians to local run crews; from Sydney to Japan, the US and beyond.

But covid curtailed the physical reach of even the most dedicated journalist. So Riley Wolff, editor emeritus of Tempo, reached out digitally to some of the biggest names in the athletics for interviews. Riley’s spare room became a video studio and we published an series of interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport over three series of podcasts and YouTube videos. We talked to Sha’Carri Richardson right before her rise to prominence – which is a personal favourite – but we also runners like Olympic gold medalist Dalilah Muhammad, local star Jess Hull, US 1500m champion Craig Engels and many more.

We were a two-man team: Riley interviewing and me handling video and audio editing, publishing and other production details. Then, when restrictions eased, we were able to turn the podcast into two live shows at Up There Athletics.