The Best Car in the World


Single Double

Ex Tropic

Art direction

Kids can really drive you crazy.

Carsales is Australia’s biggest automotive marketplace. Thus, they have damn near any car you desire. They also are vigilant about speaking to people who aren’t car enthusiasts in their communications. Not everyone who needs a car knows about car stuff. People who can tell you about horsepower and crankshafts and whatnot are a minority despite the large amount of cultural space they occupy.

Making the everyday driver feel included led us to create the Best Car in the World, a series in which we get a young kid to describe their dream car while a professional automotive illustrator brings it to life (on paper). You may not be able to buy a car with a basket of baby chickens, lickable phone cases, jumping castles or wheels that are doors on Carsales but you can get close.

Zaras’s Blueberrynator features above but you can also check out the Cylinder by Zara, the Fancy Dancy by Leo and the Smiley Face by Ethan.